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You've Googled yourself (admit it). Maybe you even have an online doppelgänger, someone whose internet presence is inextricably, confusingly, or amusingly intertwined with yours. Chances are you didn't call them up for a chat... which is exactly what I did for The Sunday Edition, a CBC Network Radio program. (Produced with the help of Karen Levine.)

An Unlikely Friendship

Jim was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and declared no longer fit for duty with the Canadian Armed Forces. Christian's exit from the military became public after an incident one night on a base, where Jim was working as military police. The two would unexpectedly connect years later and form an unlikely friendship. This story first aired on CBC Radio's The Current. (Produced with the help of Joan Webber.)

Acadian Child - "Claude" 

An Acadian child, dead for about two centuries, is brought back to life through a forensic facial reconstruction.

This story aired on CBC Radio's The World at Six.


Sometimes the stories we make up about our family heirlooms are as important as the true ones. This story, about my Zaide's (dad's father) watch, originally aired on CBC Radio's DNTO (Definitely Not The Opera)

Zaide circa WWII

Zaide circa WWII



When Rev. Le Quita Hopgood Porter's father died, she said some words at his funeral. Months later, when she was asked to speak at a Christian Men's gathering, she realized that she was able to step back through her memories.  This piece was produced for Tapestry, a program about spirituality on CBC Radio One.  (Produced with the help of Elizabeth Bowie.)

Rev. Le Quita Hopgood Porter


Contributed interviews for CBC Radio Spark's episode on technology and dating.

(Chase and interviews by Molly Segal. Mix by Dan Misener.)